between $15,738 and $47,760between $21,463 and $63,680between $27,189 and $75,050between $32,915 and $95,520between $49,406 and $206,960

Five hundred lucky households will be selected through a lottery to obtain a brand new rent stabilized affordable apartment. The lottery is run in cooperation with La Central, ELH Management, the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and NYC Housing Development Corporation.


► Tell me more about La Central

La Central A and B are two brand-new rental affordable buildings in the Hub neighborhood of the Bronx. The 494 apartments (including two superintendent’s units) range from studios to four-bedrooms and are available to low, middle, and moderate -income residents. La Central will bring together the best of healthy living with access to roof gardens, a state-of-the-art YMCA located inside Building A, and best-in-class energy efficient heating and cooling.

To apply for these units, applicants must enter a housing lottery administered by NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Housing Development Corporation.

► Who should apply?

Everyone who is within the income brackets! If your household income and size are within the range on the chart above you could qualify.

► What is a household?

A household is everyone who will be living with you in the apartment.  This could be a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, or other family member. A household can also consist of you and a roommate provided you already live together and have a current lease or utility bills that demonstrate a shared address.

► What are the benefits of the La Central Lottery if I can find a similarly priced apartment elsewhere?

Long-term savings on rent! The apartments in La Central are rent stabilized, which means that your rent can only increase by fixed amount determined each year by the Rent Guidelines Board.

► Can I see an apartment in person?

Not just yet! If you are selected through the lottery process you will be able to see an apartment virtually during the tenant selection period. Until then, check out sample floorplans (link) and the great apartment features (link).

► Will I have access to all building amenities?

Absolutely! La Central has excellent amenities including bicycle storage, card-operated laundry*, a children’s room, a resident gardening program, an on-site superintendent, parking garage*, resident lounge, and units with stainless steel appliances and dishwashers (*additional fees apply). WiFi is included in all amenity spaces.

► Is the apartment worth the application process?

Definitely! If you qualify, you have the chance to live in a new, rent-stabilized apartment in the heart of the South Bronx. There is no guarantee you will be called but there is also no risk in applying. There are no application fees, so there is nothing to lose!

► How has COVID-19 impacted the application process?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HPD/HDC has made several changes to the lottery process, designed to move New Yorkers into affordable homes faster and easier, while maintaining a clear and consistent process with strong protections for applicants. These include:

  • Faster appeal timeline: The appeal period for rejected applicants has been reduced from 10 business days to five business days. It will be even more important that applicants prepare their documents early and submit their appeals on time. Applicants who request to be contacted via paper-mail, rather than email, will be contacted by telephone to inform them of their rejection and their opportunity to appeal.
  • Getting started sooner: Now, applicants will be asked to confirm their interest in an available affordable unit within five days (either by email or phone) of being contacted by ELH Mgmt. HPD/HDC have implemented this new timeline to get interested applicants started with the eligibility review process faster.
  • Relaxed document requirements: For La Central, applicants will be asked to submit fewer documents in order to verify student status, income, and assets.

This step-by-step What to Expect guide explains what to expect when applying for affordable housing in New York City.

► How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted in 2 ways. Please review these instructions entirely before beginning the application process.

  • To apply online, you must:
    • Register for NYC Housing Connect.
      You will need to provide a valid e-mail address and basic contact information to register on NYC Housing Connect. This information can be updated at any time. Only one account should be created per household.
    • Complete Your Household Information.
      You will be asked to provide detailed employment and income information for you and all household members. Once you start an application, you may save and return to it at any time. You must complete all required fields to submit an application.
    • Apply.
      To apply, click “Submit” for any property currently accepting applications for which you appear to qualify (La-Central). You will not be allowed to submit more than one application for (La-Central). Be sure to submit your application by the deadline date, August 14th, 2020. You may confirm that you applied by reviewing your Application Status.
    • Track Application History.
      You will only be contacted if your application is randomly selected during the initial lease-up or sales process. Please note: due to the high volume of applications submitted, not all applicants for La Central will be contacted. You may view all projects for which you have applied on the Housing List (found in the Search tab). Here, you can see if the application period for La Central is open or closed. For more on what to expect after you apply, carefully review the “What to Expect” section.
  • To apply by mail, you must:
    • Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to: La Central Building A + B, c/o ELH Mgmt. LLC 16 Court Street. Suite 800, Brooklyn, NY 11241 to request an application. Once application is received, complete it & mail it to the PO Box on the application.

**Important: Only one (1) application per household may be submitted to La Central. If you apply online, you may NOT submit a paper application to La Central. If you apply via paper, you may NOT submit an online application to La Central. DUPLICATE APPLICATIONS WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. Your chances of being selected in a lottery are the same, whether you choose to apply online or by mail.

Tips for Applying:

DO accurately complete an application to the best of your knowledge. Fraudulent or incomplete information may result in disqualification.
DO look out closely for projects in your current neighborhood. Normally, advertised properties give 50% preference to residents currently living in the community board.
DO take steps to prepare interview paperwork ahead of time, in case you are contacted to proceed. This includes IDs, pay stubs, tax returns, proof of address, and asset documentation.
DO monitor your online status.
DO carefully follow instructions on how to appeal a decision, if you believe you have been wrongfully found ineligible. Note you have 10 business days to respond. DO NOT send in more than one application per project. Security algorithms are in place to detect multiple applications from a single household on any project, and for both paper and online applications.
DO NOT falsify information. You will be disqualified and possibly referred to the NYC Department of Investigation.
DO NOT contact HPD, HDC, or our development affiliates directly. Due to high volume of applications, development affiliates are not equipped to answer individual questions. HPD and HDC do not directly market or lease up properties; we are the monitoring agencies that oversee the process.

► How long do I have to apply?

All applications must be received by August 14, 2020. Remember, only submit one application. If you submit more than one application, you may be disqualified.

► Is there an application or broker fee?

Applicants are not required to pay an application fee but may be charged a non-refundable credit check fee. Broker’s fees are not permitted for HPD- or HDC-financed units with income limits set at or below 60% of New York City’s Area Median Income (AMI) Limit. For HPD-and HDC-financed units with income limits set above 60% of New York City’s Area Median Income (AMI) Limit, you do not have to pay a broker’s fee if you apply during the lottery process. However, if apartments remain unoccupied after the lottery process, the developer may hire a broker to help rent these apartments. If you apply for the apartment through this broker, you may be required to pay a broker’s fee of no more than one-half of one month’s rent for the apartment you are renting.

► How long does the process take?

Once the deadline date is reached and we begin processing the applications. This can take anywhere from 2 – 10 months. Yes, that may seem to be a long time but you have nothing to lose and a great apartment to gain if you’re selected. This guide provides a timeline of what to expect during this process. As a reminder, a unit is not guaranteed until you have a signed lease

► My partner and I make six figures. Can we really qualify for one of these apartments?

Yes. La Central has apartments available to a wide array of income levels. As long as your combined income is within the income range and matching household size stated in the Affordability chart then you have the possibility to qualify.

► How is income calculated?

Your income will be calculated using annual gross income. Your annual gross income includes all sources of employment income and other income such as social security for each member of your household. Space is provided on the application to indicate each source of income. Please complete this section very carefully to ensure that the developer/managing agent has all information that may affect your eligibility. You must indicate ALL sources of income for ALL household members who will be living in the unit for which you are applying. For self-employed applicants, net income (Gross Income minus Expenses/Other Deductions) is analyzed. Such applicants must have at least two complete years in the same self-employed field. Every applicant’s income will be considered in evaluating eligibility and used to document a continuing need for housing assistance. Furthermore, please note that all sources of income must be documented and verified.

► What is Area Median Income (AMI) and how is it calculated?

Area Median Income is the median income levels as modified by household size for the New York metropolitan statistical area as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For more information, visit www.hud.gov.

► Do you allow pets?

La Central A + B are pet free buildings unless it is expressly permitted by Management.

► Will the YMCA be discounted for residents?

The YMCA is here for all. Rates differ at each location and have not been set for this branch as of yet.  Please remember that the YMCA maintains a scholarship fund in order to give more New Yorkers access to all of their facilities and programs. For more information please contact Elizabeth Toledo, Vice President of Field Operations, 212-912-2120.

► What documents will I need if I’m selected?


Please provide the following documents for everyone who will live in the affordable unit.


  • Copies of last 4 most recent consecutive pay stubs
  • Copies of last 6 most recent consecutive pay stubs
  • Copies of last year’s W-2 forms (all pages)
  • Copies of signed & completed most recent year’s federal and state tax returns
  • Letter from all former employers in the current year and prior year, stating last date of employment
  • Proof of cash payments:
    • Notarized letters from employers
    • Bank statements that support deposits

For each household member self-employed for at least the previous 2 years, provide:

  • Copies of past 2 years’ signed Form 1040, with schedule C, E or F
  • Copies of all 1099s from the last 2 years
  • Copies of 2 years of state tax returns
  • An estimated projection of your NET self-employment income (gross income minus expenses) for the next
    12 months. CPA letter or tax preparer statement on letterhead, or notarized self-statement. Copies of
    expenses, receipts, and other backup documentation may be required.

For each household member self-employed for less than the previous 2 years, provide:

  • An estimated projection of your NET self-employment income (gross income minus expenses) for the next
    12 months. CPA letter or tax preparer statement on letterhead, or notarized self-statement, is acceptable.
  • All third-party documentation supporting the estimate. Examples: receipts, records of expenses, invoices,
    deposits, cancelled checks, etc.